Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Annual Turtle Foundation Raffle on again!

Dear friends and supporters of the Turtle Foundation,

The year 2013 is about to end now and we would like to draw your attention to our popular Turtle Raffle, which we will hold in February 2014 for the fifth time. With a ticket for our raffle you not only have excellent chances to win one of our 13 valuable prizes, but you also contribute directly to the protection of the endangered sea turtles. Every dollar/euro of revenue goes directly into our conservation projects in Indonesia and on the Cape Verde Islands!

You can win diving trips and scuba equipment comprising a total value of over 17,500 US$/13,000 euros. With only 200 tickets sold for 110 US$/ 85 euro each, the chance of winning is extremely high! In the last year’s Turtle Raffle, we celebrated Mrs. Corina Pauli as the lucky winner of the first prize, to whom I handed over the prize last February at the FESPO 2013. She was very excited winning a 12-day diving safari in Indonesia on the luxurious liveaboard Pindito, which was worth 5,100 US$/3700 euros, and which is again first prize for the 2014 raffle!

The Turtle Raffle will take place on 2 February 2014, where it is publicly held at Switzerland's biggest travel fair FESPO in Zurich. Although we are of course very glad to welcome you on site, participants need not be present, and the winners will be notified immediately.

Start into the New Year with a ticket of the Turtle Raffle!


Our special thank goes to the sponsors of the many great prizes: Schöner Tauchen, Raja4Divers, Siladen Resort & Spa, Manta Ray Bay Resort, Alam Batu Resort Bali, MARES, Yucatek Divers, Sea Explorers Philippines, Diving Centers Werner Lau, Ducks Diving, Diver Design

On behalf of the team of the Turtle Foundation, I wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year!

Dr. Frank Zindel
Foundation Chairman Turtle Foundation Switzerland

PS: You don’t dive but you have passionate divers among your family and friends? Why not surprise them with a ticket for our Turtle Raffle!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Leatherback hatchlings emerging from their nest

Here is a video that someone took when they came across leatherback hatchlings emerging from their nest.  From the accent, it sounds like it is on the southern coast of the U.S., perhaps Florida?  See how tiny they are?  Adult leatherbacks can reach 8 feet in length and 500-2000 lbs weight!  They are endangered throughout their range, as all sea turtle species are.
But you don't need to know anything about turtles to appreciate the wonder and magic of 100 hatchlings erupting from their subterranean nest and running for the open sea.  Watch and smile (and sorry for the occasional profanity, it's a home-made video!)

                    click here to see leatherback hatchling video

And if you WOULD like to learn more about leatherbacks:
leatherback turtle fact sheet

Turtle Foundation's popular annual raffle is back for 2014

Turtle Foundation is holding its annual raffle to raise funds for our protection projects.  As always, the prizes are fantastic.  Only 200 tickets are sold, with 13 prizes and a total value of over $17000 USD, so the chances of winning are fairly high. 

Prizes include dive trips and dive gear.  For full information check out our website page:
Turtle Foundation 2014 raffle

The drawing will take place on February 2, 2014.  You don't need to be present to win!

Thank you, as always, for your support of Turtle Foundation