Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Great video on sea turtles and the ocean, and "citizen science"

This is a wonderful video featuring one of my heroes, Wallace "J." Nichols, talking about sea turtles and how they are emblematic of all the threats to our oceans, and examples of "citizen science", where local communities with a stake in their own resources are helping to collect research on sea turtles and helping to protect them:

You Tube: Wallace "J" Nichols: Sea Turtles and Citizen Science

Oh, and I'll throw in this picture of me and J. Nichols at the Marine Turtle Symposium last year:

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  1. Turtles help to keep ocean clean. Due to pollution, the population of turtle is decreasing.
    I would like to share a documentary "The Archelon Bubble" in which a community is working to protect the sea turtle.

    To watch documentary visit-


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