Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Meet our camp coordinator - Águeda Alcalde

After the hard work of selecting only one of the several suitable applications we received, we finally have our camp coordinator for the Lacacão camp.

A big thank you to all those who applied for the position. It is encouraging to know that there are so many good people interested in the conservation of our seas and their inhabitants. We wish we could have them all in the team.

The camp coordination team is now complete: Julie Walmsley for Boa Esperança Camp, Joana Nicolau for Fundo das Figueiras Community Stay and Águeda Alcalde for Lacacão Camp. Julie and Joana will be coming back for their second season as the coordinators of their camps, Águeda will be for the first time on Boavista. She is a biologist from Galícia, Spain, and has experienced living and working in different places, such as in Ecuador, South Africa, Italy and UK.

Next step will be the selection of the local coordinators and assistants, who have an extremely important role in the management of the work in the project sites.

We are looking forward to the start of the season and to get the team together in Boavista!

Meet Águeda, 2012 Lacacão
Camp Coordinator 
"A few days ago, while I was taking breakfast, I was looking to an interview in the television, to the Spanish spokeswoman of the NGO “Doctors without Borders”, Paula Farias. She was talking about a nice history tolled by a friend of her where 2 boys arrived to a beach that due to a tide, hundreds of starfishes have been moved out of the sea. One of those boys started to pick up starfishes and putting them back into the water. The other boy asked him what he was doing as it was impossible to save them, as they were sentenced to death. The friend answered him that “it was true” and at the same time he was taking a starfish and putting it back saves into the water and he said “but this one is going to live, and also this one, and this one…”

I would like to help to do something similar with the loggerhead sea turtles in Boavista. Unfortunately, I know I would not save all the endangered and threatened animals in the world, but at least I can do my bit.

Moreover I love meeting new people, cultures and places and I have never been in Cabo Verde before, so I am looking forward to be there and have the experience of working with sea turtles while I am enjoying my time with the Turtle Foundation team and volunteers in a beautiful spot of the world. After all, at the end of the day, I also want to have a good time, while I know I am doing the right thing."  Águeda Alcalde


  1. Congratulations Agueda, it sounds like a great project. I know you're an excellent coordinator as well, I had a great time in Ecuador, thanks!

  2. Great! Can´t wait for you to join us out here! It will be a great 2012... promise! Julie (Boa Esperança Co-ordinator)

  3. Me alegro de que te vaya muy bien y de que sigas tan guapa como siempre. IS


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