Friday, March 4, 2016

Time to say good bye to Blogspot ...

... and to continue our blog on

Dear sea turtle enthusiasts, dear friends and supporters of the Turtle Foundation,

In June 2015 we re-launched our Turtle Foundation website, which since then contains an integrated blog function. For a transitional period we were posting news and information of our ongoing sea turtle protection work and related issues on Blogspot and on our website in parallel. Since 1st, our website and its blog proofed to run smoothly in the meanwhile, 2nd, many readers already turned to our website’s blog, and 3rd, all posts on Blogspot have been copied to our new blogging site, we think its now time to discontinue posting on Blogspot in favour of using our website’s blog only. Our Blogspot blog will remain here as long as possible in order to direct users still reading this blog to our website and to keep alive older web links still pointing to certain Blogspot posts. However, new posts will from now on published on our website only.

A big, great Thank you! goes to all our readers following our Blogspot posts partly for many years, and we hope that you will enjoy our new blogging site on as well!

Best regards and happy reading,
Your Team of Turtle Foundation

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